Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Blues

Today is not a great day as our dear Cotybear (our golden retriever) is not having a good one at all. He's 14 yrs. and today for the first time we saw his legs very wabbly and trying his best to keep up on them. We thought we would give him two advil to help with the arthritis but since then he looks glazed in his eyes and not really wanting to walk to much. The Vet said we should not have given him the advil ( I could kick myself for doing that) as he is old and they were concerned about his liver. We were told to watch him carefully, which we are doing and to call the Vet in the morning for a check in. He does still seem very emotionally happy and wags his tail when we or friends come over and pat and love him. We're hoping that this will pass and we can chalk it up to a bad day for an old guy but we're being cautious now and watching everything he does. He did eat and drink today and thats a good sign at least.
On another note, I'm receiving comments but forgot what Martha told me to do to respond to those comments. Sooooo, sorry to those that have left comments. I don't mean to be rude but can't find a way to do so. Bare with me on that,lol On my way to bed soon and hoping tomorrow will be a brighter one for Cotybear.
Goodnight all


Martha said...

Cotybear will be in my prayers tonight, poor baby.
Do you have you comments set so you get them in email? If not, go to setting to do that first - then when you get a comment you want to respond to just hit reply like you would on any other email.
Hope tomorrow will be better for you. Give Cotybear a gentle hug from Aunt Martha. Hugs to you too Nancy.

Andy said...

Having lost two goldies my thoughts are with you. They are such lovely dogs and you become so attached to them.

Valerie said...

Nancy, honey, I have a question... I was going to add you to my alerts for my mailings and I get you confused with the "other" Nancy. I am so, so sorry. Can you email me your email address. Email to Thank you soooooooooo much! Also, my blogs have moved...
I am a follower of yours now =). Take good care, honey. Love, Val xox
P.S. Please forgive me for the mix up.

Julia said...

I am so sorry Cotybear isn't feeling well. I hope he is better today. I love your picture. How did you get it to show up so large?