Friday, October 3, 2008

Still confused here

There are still so many questions and frustration is settin in big time! lol I've somehow managed to do the "follow" thing to list other's journals in mine. Now about those so called "feeders", and also the journals I've got are now in my dashboard but...... they're duplicated like three times each. I don't know how or why that happened and guess they'll stay like that until I figure out how to get rid of the them. lol Oh, I also don't know how to leave a comment in other journals. the page there is confusing and I don't know which to choose and not sure If I should be leaving others's http or mine??? I will continue posting things here hopefully to get answers and to keep in touch with the people that know how to leave a comment here. Lets just say, I'm in the game, but lagging behind and trying like hell to catch up! lol lol


Joyce said...

OK...I am leaving a comment. The only thing that is checked at the bottom is Google/Blogger. When I'm done I will click on Publish. I will also have to put in the word verification a time or two. When I logged in the first time I clicked on 'remember me' so I don't have to log in each time. I don't know why you are getting multiple comments. HMMMMM?
Hugs, Joyce

Martha said...

Just click where it says comment at the bottom the each entry - put your Url, although it should come up automatically if you are signed into your blogger account.

Claudia's thoughts said...

You are not alone, I suspect that many are having the same troubles, or ones that are similar. It is just a learning curve, hope I learn it soon. LOL


Lori J said...

Hello Nancy, I to am trying to migrate from AOL (ABIceQueen Lori's-Letter-Box) and I still had not figured THAT one out and now something new...oh well I will percivere.
That picture you showed this am makes me want to come to your part of the country soon.
Now that we are retired that trip is not a long way off.
Please stay in touch.



Martha said...

Come out and play! Oh wait, I know where you are - you're busy cooking and photographing your marvelous macroni dish aren't you? ;-)

MariesImages said...

You might need to shrink the top header. or resize the photo. It appears too big on my screen.
As for the comments.....each click on comments or Post comments links.

Rose said...

if you figure it out let me know!! r ose